About Us

Mid America Distribution Company has been in business since 1979, and supplies over 700 convenience stores, grocers, hardware stores, gas stations, truck stops, travel plazas, and entertainment venues with a variety of consumer goods. Our product selection includes the Jean Ross Eyewear line - the #1 selling brand in the Upper Midwest, based on head-to-head tests, as well as exclusive partnerships and private label cell phone accessories, ensuring that your business gets the best margin available. We constantly source new and on-trend products for your stores, and with our in-store delivery program we can guarantee sales by ensuring that you never have stale or slow-moving product on your shelves. 



We are - and always will be - honest and open, with our team members and our customers.

Relationships Matter
We all succeed by fostering trust with colleagues, customers, and partners. We fundamentally believe that doing what is right is more important than being right.

Make Others Successful
We go out of our way to make others successful, and we believe this is the key to our success.

Be Fair
What's fair?  What's the right thing?  We all have to use our best judgment, and everyone's judgment varies, but a good rule of thumb is "what would you do for a friend or a neighbor if they asked for help?"  An example might be taking a returned product even if it's a little outside our return guidelines. Or being someone who says 'Sure we can do that for you' when a customer expected you to say 'sorry, we can't.' If the request is reasonable, grant it. However, saying no is sometimes the right thing! If that’s the case, don’t feel badly about it.

Move Fast
Moving fast enables us to do more things and learn faster. We’re less afraid of making mistakes than we are of losing opportunities by moving too slowly. We are a culture of providers and doers; the power is in your hands.

Deliver Results
Our team focuses on the key inputs for our customers’ business and delivers them with the right quality and in a timely fashion, which in turn drives our company’s results. Despite setbacks, our team rises to the occasion and never settles.


Mid America Distribution Company was created to provide optimal service for convenience stores, gas stations, trucks stops, travel centers, and other businesses who are experiencing slow turn, low profit, and excessive markdowns. Our products, in-store delivery, and merchandising service provides guaranteed sales, resulting in better cash flow and profitability for your business. Effective in-store merchandising, coupled with on-trend, stylish, and profitable products creates a profit center that allows your money to work more effectively for your business.