Important Updates to Our Services and Policies

Dear Valued Customer, 

Thank you for your continued business and partnership. We have consistently upgraded our infrastructure, tools, and product assortment to enhance our service offerings and reduce costs for you and your team. Despite these improvements, we continue to face unprecedented challenges from multiple sources, including increased freight costs, a challenging labor market, and mounting inflationary pressures. We understand many of your stores may be experiencing similar issues. 

While we have absorbed most of these increases and continue to make every effort to constrain costs, we must make some changes to adapt to an inflationary market and maintain our service levels. 

Here are the key updates effective July 1: 

1. Fuel Surcharge: We are increasing our fuel surcharge to $5.25 on all direct-store delivery transactions that do not meet a threshold of $350.00. 

2. Payment Terms: Terms will continue to be Net 30 for those who have paid on time. For all others, the terms will be C.O.D. We reserve the right to discontinue Direct-Store-Delivery (DSD) service to accounts past due as of July 1. Direct ship-to-store will still be available for past-due accounts, with payment due upon checkout. Our full catalog is now available at where you can shop and order. 

3. Electronic Statements: Customers must provide an email address for us to send statements electronically. We also need your completed sales tax exemption forms for our files, as this is a legal requirement. If you prefer a physical statement to be mailed, a $5 processing fee will be added to your statement balance. All customers with past due balances will be charged a 2% service charge on all past due amounts. 

4. Shipping Fee: We will no longer waive the shipping fee for direct ship-to-store orders if the order is less than $150.00, except during reduced shipping promotions. 

5. Collections: Accounts with extremely past due invoices are subject to be turned over to the VeriCore collection agency. There will also be a fee for any accounts turned over for collections, which will be added by VeriCore. 

6. Price Increases: Product price increases will be considered for vendors or categories where we have continued to incur multiple increases in the past twelve months or where a larger single price increase has recently occurred. We reserve the right to adapt our pricing strategies and inventory selection to the ongoing market climate. 

We have made every effort to contain these costs and impacts and will continue to provide you the highest level of service. We remain 100% committed to being your partner and appreciate your understanding and support during these challenging times. 

Erik Bilicki
Mid America

Jun 5th 2024 Erik Bilicki

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